Our old Underwood

Guest: One could believe that your drinks menu in the guest garden was written with an old typewriter. What is the font called?
Me: Underwood

The sky over Peršlák

A beautiful sky over Peršlák. On the photo you can see our Villa Věra (named after my grandmother). There are four double rooms in this house.

24.05.2021 New brochure

In a few days you will be able to purchase this brochure from us at reception, which describes the surrounding area of our hotel. You will learn about the history, legends and nature. You could actually stay with us in the forest for 14 days and still discover something new and interesting.

23.05.2021 Foto from hotel surrounding

The route from Neubistritz to Peršlak alone is an experience in itself. Where else should you spend your vacation than with us in Nová Bystřice.

13.05.2021 The weather changed

Yesterday summer, 25 ° C. Today cold, rain, hail, 9 °. But that doesn't matter. Here in the forest, every weather has its magic. We just heat the fireplace up again. And how will the weather be tomorrow?
Video: It rains like cats and dogs

12.05.2021 Bird koncert in the morning

Usually we would tell you to watch our video. This time, the main thing is to listen. This is how Peršlák sounds in the morning. Can you correctly assign some sounds?
Video: Bird koncert at Peršlák

11.05.2021 Our apartements Elisabeth

Today was a wonderful day for working outside. Our Elisabeth Apartments in Nový Vojířov are prepared for you. We are looking forward to your reservation.

10.05.2021 Our hotel lake

The shore and the beach have got the cut this year.

08.05.2021 Evening views

The sun sets behind the hotel lake. On the photo you can see our Villa Věra, which is named after my grandmother. You can enjoy such views from the rooms.

29.04.2021 Buy local

We intend to buy even more locally than before in 2021. Therefore, we will gradually introduce you to our popular stores, suppliers and partners. Today we start with the garden center in Jindřichův Hradec (Neuhaus), where we bought some flowers for our hotel in the morning.

27.04.2021 Artists in Peršlák

After work in Peršlak you go for a walk and suddenly a gentleman is standing there painting the meadows and forests around the hotel. A beautiful sight.

25.04.2021 News from our cats

News from our cats. Please don't feed them.

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