An excellent Käseleberkäsesemmel (cheese liver cheese roll) is a must for Saturday shopping at the Geitzenauer butcher's shop. We look forward to preparing the best pork tenderloin in the border region for you again this weekend. For example our popular house skewer or our juicy ducat schnitzel.


We are happy that we can support the youth of Neubistritz. Today we gave Miss Loskot four gift vouchers worth 250.00 each for the raffle at the graduation ball. We wish you a lot of fun, a wonderful evening and good luck with the exams.


That pleases. The Railaxed magazine is available on ÖBB trains. A part of this issue is dedicated to our tourist region of South Bohemia.


Weekend sweetheart: Palatschinke with Powidl, sour cream and poppy seeds.


The winter is slowly ending and we are glad that so many guests found us in the forest today, despite the stormy weather. But that's it for today. Good night.


Sometime in the nineties I discovered this portrait in Mr. Blíza's thrift store in Neubistritz. The shop was located on the 1st floor of today's Putovní pražírna na pomezí café in Neubistritz. Like many other things, this picture came from the estate of the German and Austrian population who lived here until 1945. Unfortunately, I have never been able to find out the identity of the gentleman. The order in the picture was not much help either, since it was one of the most awarded medals of its time, along with the Kaiser Karl Troops Cross. The jubilee commemorative medal was donated in 1898 by Emperor Franz Joseph I to mark the 50th anniversary of his accession to the throne in 1848. Thanks to Mr. Milan Šiler, who gave me a copy of this medal, the unknown new Bistrita resident at least has his medal back, if not his name. If you want to see the picture in person, it is hanging in our hotel lobby.


Today we can serve you our house skewer or our ducat schnitzel from pork tenderloin in the restaurant. And outside we can offer you alternating sunshine and hail.


Guest: "I've never noticed that here." And you?


Very soon... ❤


The phone rang in our reception...
Editor of the Czech public television: What is the situation in gastronomy on the Austrian side of the border?
Me: The best thing is if we go there and ask the people ourselves.
And so we drove to Litschau and visited the Kaufmann restaurant, the Riga city café and the game and fish processing castle Litschau.
The report will be broadcast on Czech television in the program Události v regionech - events in the regions on Saturday, February 18, 2023 from 11:00 a.m. After the broadcast I will add the link here.


This is the only barcode you need.


We wish all our guests a wonderful good night.

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