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If you want to give the gift voucher of Forest Hotel Peršlák to your beloved ones, friends or business partners, please contact us. We will gladly issue you a gift voucher for an amount and services according to you wish. You will receive the voucher by e-mail or post. If you wish to have an individual text for the recipient on the voucher, please add it to your order. The gift voucher can be ordered via our contact form. Should you have any questions, please contact us by telephone at: +420 384 386 505 or by email:
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07/15/2022 Visit from Kazakhstan

A tour group from Kazakhstan arrived at our hotel last night. The bad news: They didn't bring gas and oil with...

07.12.2022 Tour of the brewery

"Dad, how is the beer that we sell in our restaurant actually made?" "Get in the car with you, we're going there." Many...

07/08/2022 - Season in full swing

The first week of vacation, including the public holidays in the Czech Republic, is over. If I said it was easy, it...

06/25/2022 Power failure

Dear guests, if you are planning to visit us in Peršlák today, we are currently without electricity and do not know...

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