Yoga courses in Peršlák

Summer is not over yet. In our hotel you can try Kundalini Yoga with Dipl. Ing. Eliška Hirkova.
The lessons are ideal for anyone who wants to support their health and learn the art of meditation.
Location: Hotel Peršlák Forest Castle (In the area)
Time: appointment by arrangement
Duration: 90 minutes
Price: 140, - crowns per person. At least 2 people. One-to-one tuition for 280, - crowns is also possible by individual arrangement.
Bring with you: Comfortable clothes. Exercise mats and refreshments are available from reception.
You can make an appointment with Dipl. Ing. Hirková at reception or by phone on +420 384 386 505.

Cosmetic mondays in Peršlák

Every Monday, Ms. Eva Lejtnerová pampers you with Syncare's professional cosmetics line.
In addition to a comprehensive treatment of your skin (massage, peeling with an ultrasonic cleaner, various masks, oils and much more.) You can also treat yourself to a particularly beneficial treatment for your skin, a special pack for your hands, a paraffin treatment and other services.
Of course, our beautician also beautifies guests who do not stay with us in the hotel. Please reserve your time-out with Ms. Lejtnerová at least 24 hours in advance at the hotel reception or by calling +420 384 386 505.


Relax your body thanks to sport and fitness massage, or a treatment with hot lava stones. Our experienced masseurs will help you feel better and vital again. In a quiet, peaceful environment while listening to relaxing music, you will gain back your strength and energy. Please book at the reception desk, call 384 386 505, or email: hotel@perslak.com. We are looking forward to your visit.

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