11.2.2022 almost spring

It has been relatively warm in Peršlák for the last two days. I admit, the hotel lake is not yet suitable for swimming.

10.2.2022 first cyclists

Today the first cyclists

31.1.2022 With the narrow-gauge railway from Hradec to Nová Bystřice

When visiting Czech Canada, you should not miss a trip on the narrow-gauge railway from Jindřichův Hradec to Nová Bystřice.
The railway is operated by a local company and the journey takes approximately 1.5 hours. In winter this is particularly romantic, as you are almost alone on the train. A few pages of a book run out during the journey. For example, the book of 555 excursion tips by Lukáš Hejlík, which is very popular in the Czech Republic. In addition to the Kaproun train station, which is recommended in the book, the Café Na Pomezí is also a hot tip. Of course, we look forward to your visit to the Waldhotel Peršlák.
(Since you can only link people and places once in a post, please use the links in the Czech version. Thank you for your understanding.)

23.01.2022 Excursion to Heidenreichstein

In Heidenreichstein, about a 30-minute drive from Perslak,
you can visit In Heidenreichstein, about a 30-minute drive from Perslak, you can visit the Naturpark Heidenreichsteiner Moor.

21.1.2022 Stormy night

After a stormy night and a power outage after a tree fell on the wires, the sun has come out again. Peršlák is beautiful at any time of the year.

Winter on the Perslak

Today it is snowing again in Peršlák. A winter like in a fairy tale. ❄☃️❄

30.12.2021 Winter offer

Our apartments are already occupied by January 1st, 2022. After that there are free appointments again. Visit the wintry South Bohemia and the Bohemian Canada. You can even ski with us. The operations are now ideal. Take a look at the lift operator's website:
Ski lift operator
, or watch our video: Skiing Neubistritz

23.12.2021 Christmas wish

We wish all of our guests, visitors, suppliers and employees a wonderful Christmas and, above all, health and tranquility. Hauser family.

13.12.2021 Room renovation

What do we actually do in Peršlák in winter? Right. We renovate and beautify our rooms for you. The furniture is already outside. What color would you like?

07.12.2021 Beautiful Nová Bystřice

As every year, one of the most beautiful Christmas decorations in South Bohemia can be found just a short distance from Peršlák, in Nová Bystřice. We still have some free winter dates in our apartments in Nový Vojířov (Apartments Elisabeth), as well as in our apartments in Peršlak. We are looking forward to your visit.

Winter offer 2021 - 2022

As every year, we are closed in winter from November to Easter. This year, however, we would like to offer you one of our rooms, which is equipped with a kitchen, in the winter months. The rental in the winter months works on the basis of a holiday apartment. The restaurant is closed in the winter months. The price of the room is 1,500 crowns (60 euros) per night for two adults, with a minimum stay of 2 nights. Please reserve directly via our email address: We are looking forward to your visit.
PS: Doesn't it sound tempting to have the whole hotel area, the park and the hotel lake almost all to yourself? Don't forget to bring your ice skating shoes.

30.11.2021 Christmas vouchers

Do you already have the right Christmas present for your loved ones and friends?
If not, then we look forward to offering you our gift vouchers for our hotel. The gift of a wonderful vacation in the picturesque South Bohemia, in the Bohemian Canada.
To issue the voucher, we need the desired amount of the voucher, your billing address and your desired text.
We look forward to your order at our email address:
Thank you for sharing our contribution.

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