Elisabeth Apartments

Latest news:

22.06.2024 Fine pieces of capr in dough

Fine pieces of carp in Neumühler dough with parsley potatoes (We get our organic carp from the Schlosser family...

21.06.2024 Weekend menu restaurant

In addition to our menu, we have prepared for you this weekend: We look forward to your reservation by calling: +420...

21.06.2024 Breakfast on the terrace

Good morning from Peršlák. Breakfast is prepared.

20.06.2024 Cycling season has begun

We wish you a wonderful day from the Waldhotel Peršlák.

Where to find us?

Forest Hotel Peršlák
Nový Vojířov 90, CZ 378 33 Nová Bystřice
tel.: 00420 384 386 505, fax: 00420 384 386 509
e-mail: hotel@perslak.com
hp: www.perslak.com