We wish you a wonderful day from the Forest Hotel Peršlák.


Dear guests, dear friends, today our restaurant is reserved from 12:00 to around 2:30 p.m.! Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to your afternoon visit.


Waiter: Would you like another 1.5 liter bottle of our beer from the Neubistritz brewery to take home?
Guest: No. I brought my own 5 liter container. Please fill up.


Dear guests, we also treat ourselves to a little break every now and then in winter.
In the following days we will have slightly different opening times for our hotel and restaurant.
Sunday 07.01.24: closed
Monday 08.01.24 - Friday 12.01.24: Restaurant open from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m
Saturday 01/13/24 and Sunday 01/14/24: closed
Thank you for your understanding.

Silvestr 2023

New Year's Eve 2023. We would like to thank all of our guests for the time spent together. The JH Swing Band for the great musical accompaniment and of course all the employees and temporary staff who keep the bike running with us. It was a wonderful evening and we are looking forward to 2024.
Today our restaurant is open for you from 11:30 a.m. Thank you very much.


I knew why we weren't completely clearing away the guest garden after the summer season this year. We wish you a nice sunny day from the Waldhotel Peršlák.


We wish all friends and visitors of the Peršlák Forest Hotel a Merry Christmas. But especially little Julia from Neubistritz. We dedicated our first Christmas punch stand to her. On the weekend of December 8th. - December 10th, 2023, despite adverse weather conditions, our guests came from Neubistritz, Jindřichův Hradec, Litschau, Heidenreichstein and other places and supported our collection. Through the intervention of Ms. Oktábcová from the municipality of Neubistritz and the Donio internet portal, we were able to send Julia and her family a total of 23,266 crowns on behalf of the Peršlák Forest Hotel.


We would like to thank all of our guests for visiting today. We cook every day from 11:30 a.m. On Sunday, December 31st, 2023, we will be open to the public until 3:00 p.m. as we then prepare all halls for New Year's Eve with live music. Thank you for your understanding.

Good morning

Good morning from the Forest Hotel Peršlák.

Happy Christmas

Dear guests, dear friends.
Today all we have to do is wish you a wonderful holiday and a blessed Christmas. We'll be handing out Christmas presents to our employees and temporary workers today and saying goodbye at 3 p.m.
We look forward to seeing you again from Wednesday, December 27th, 2023 from 11:30 a.m.

‼️ Ice skating with the ice hockey club "Jelita" from Neubistritz ‼️

‼️ Ice skating with the ice hockey club "Jelita" from Neubistritz ‼️
Get to know your Bohemian neighbors better. We greet all fans of the Neubistritz ice hockey club Jelita. Before Christmas Eve is just around the corner, we have prepared the traditional joint ice skating for you.
On Saturday, December 23rd, 2023 from 5:15 p.m. in the ice rink in Jindříchův Hradec / Neuhaus (you can find them here:, you can try to score a few goals against our goalkeeper, to tackle a slalom course or just do a bit of ice skating. There is enough space.
Thanks to the sponsors IScentrum - roofs for your swimming pool and the butcher shop in Albeř / Albern, entry is free for everyone. We would be happy to meet you on Saturday and spend a nice time together. PS: Please take helmets with children.


On December 25th, 2023 the annual Christmas bowling will take place at the bowling alley in Neubistritz. This year we have once again donated restaurant vouchers worth 3 x 500 Kč, which you can win. We wish all participants a Merry Christmas and much success.

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