Am Freitag, den 16.12.2023, eröffnet das Skiareal Hradiště bei Neubistritz die Wintersaison. Nähere Informationen erhalten Sie auf der Internetseite:


We wish all our guests a nice day out of the forest.


We have good news for lovers of cross-country skiing in our region. In Haugschlag, the cross-country ski runs are already groomed. You can park your car at the Golfresort Haugschlag. A lot of


We wish all our guests a wonderful and peaceful third Sunday in Advent.


We wish all our guests a wonderful and peaceful Sunday in Advent.


A nice evening from the forest.




We would like to thank all our hotel guests for their visit during this long weekend. We are pleased that you enjoyed your stay with us and wish you a pleasant start into the week. Good night.


Good morning from Peršlák. Breakfast is ready. We wish you a wonderful Sunday from the forest.


A small library is available for our hotel guests. Most titles deal with history, architecture, nature, but you will also find travelogues. We have also received some books as gifts from our guests. Some are written by you, others have a connection to Peršlák in a broader sense. In the following articles we will introduce you to some books.

We present to you:
Salettl!Salettl! In 100 pictures. Anyone who lives in the Grätzl around Gersthof needs no introduction of the Salettl. As children we were pushed there with prams, as teenagers we had our first rendezvous there and to this day many go there out of nostalgia and tradition.


And now he's here. The first snow. A wonderful good morning from Peršlák.


November 17th, day of struggle for freedom and democracy. State holiday in the Czech Republic. For some people this day has a deeper meaning, for others it's just empty words and for some just a welcome day off. Either way, it doesn't change the fact that a few years ago you would have been shot in the back by border guards at this place, our hotel bridge between Austria and the Czech Republic. For a vacation ticket and a watch.

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