Activities nearby

Family Park Fábula

Fairyland Fábula is ideal for a family trip with children, whatever the weather. A large part of the attractions are situated under the roof, so you won’t get soaked in the rain. And in the heat you can cool off in our fairytale cellar and other areas of this beautiful old building from the First Republic.

Adrenaline Park Landštejn

Adrenaline Landštejn park - its unique location in the unspoilt countryside of Czech Canada promises a unique experience. We have prepared both high-rope and low-rope obstacles suitable for children from 5 years. Our lecturers are certified by the Ministry of Education. Material used is certified U.I.A.A. The safety of participants, staff and lecturers is always a priority for us! The high-ropes course is designed for anyone beyond the minimum body height of 140 cm. Lanový park Landštejn

Sole Felsen Bad - Gmünd, Austria

The world of swimming includes 7 swimming pools: the rock salt pool (1.5% salt), 32-34° C. Relaxation Salt Lagoon (indoor & outdoor) (5% salt), 32-34° C. Granite bath (5% salt) 32-34° C. The salt pools have different concentrations of salt and are equipped with water massage deck chairs, a stone fountain, a channel, natural whirlpools and massage jets. Sport swimming pool (freshwater), 26-28° C. Children's indoor pool (freshwater), 28-30° C. Children's outdoor pool (freshwater), 28-30° C. 1 toboggan: 65 m. Sole Felsenbad Gmünd

Narrow-gauge railway Jindřichův Hradec - Nová Bystřice

Jindřichohradecké místní dráhy, Inc. (VKM: JHMD) is a joint stock company which operates the South Bohemian narrow-gauge line from Jindřichův Hradec to Nova Bystřice and Obrataň and also provides transportation on them. The company’s name is also the name of the railway subsystem. Jindřichohradecké místní dráhy is one of the first private operators of public rail transport in the Czech Republic.

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26.09.2021 Cosmetic monday in Peršlák

Tomorrow, 27.09.21, all cosmetic appointments will be booked out until 8:00 p.m. Ms. Eva Lejtnerová is looking forward...

25.09.2021 A beautiful evening

A cozy Friday evening with us in Peršlák. We thank all guests who always find their way to us in the forest. PS: We...

24.09.2021 Uninvited visit

I was thinking of a bizarre title for the photo. But I'd rather ask you. What name would you give the photo? The best...

18.09:2021 Information

Dear guests, up to approx. 15:30 we have all seats in the restaurant booked today.

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