Activities nearby

Museum of American cars 8 km

The Museum in Nová Bystřice is the first and largest museum of American cars in the Czech Republic. Few places are great for a stroll through history like an old, abandoned textile factory. We gave it a new life and now it is a factory for your experiences.
Muzeum veteránů

Bush maze

It is the LARGEST bush maze in Central Europe
Area of ​​approx. 6,000 m2
3 kilometers of trails
12,000 hornbeams (hornbeam) and a few monsters here and there
Obludiště Dolní Pěna

Zoo Na Hrádečku 18 km

The single-family house with garden (original farmhouse) with outbuildings was converted into its current form. Currently, since 2016, we have been a privately licensed zoo with an area of ​​10 hectares, located between the villages of Dolní and Horní Pěna near Jindřichův Hradec. Here you will find over 200 animal species that are classified as endangered species and protected by CITES. You will meet lions, hyenas, wolves, primates, parrots, owls, but also reptiles and amphibians.
Zoo Na Hrádečku

Jindřichův Hradec swimming poo 20 km

The Jindřichův Hradec swimming pool offers year-round indoor and outdoor relaxation activities. In the summer monks there is also an outdoor water park.

Adrenaline Park Landštejn 21 km

Adrenaline Landštejn park - its unique location in the unspoilt countryside of Czech Canada promises a unique experience. We have prepared both high-rope and low-rope obstacles suitable for children from 5 years. Our lecturers are certified by the Ministry of Education. Material used is certified U.I.A.A. The safety of participants, staff and lecturers is always a priority for us! The high-ropes course is designed for anyone beyond the minimum body height of 140 cm. Lanový park Landštejn

Riding Stable Inghofer - Waldviertel / Austria 25 km

The Inghofer family riding stables in Heidenreichstein offer the opportunity to ride. For both beginners and advanced riders, this is an ideal place to look around the beautiful Waldviertel from the saddle. For the youngest visitors there is also a children's playground. Telephone reservations required. Reitstall Inghofer - Jízdárna Inghofer - Waldviertel/Rakousko

Sole Felsen Bad - Gmünd, Austria 46 km

The world of swimming includes 7 swimming pools: the rock salt pool (1.5% salt), 32-34° C. Relaxation Salt Lagoon (indoor & outdoor) (5% salt), 32-34° C. Granite bath (5% salt) 32-34° C. The salt pools have different concentrations of salt and are equipped with water massage deck chairs, a stone fountain, a channel, natural whirlpools and massage jets. Sport swimming pool (freshwater), 26-28° C. Children's indoor pool (freshwater), 28-30° C. Children's outdoor pool (freshwater), 28-30° C. 1 toboggan: 65 m. Sole Felsenbad Gmünd

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soon forget May 1, 2024. At 10:15 we prepared our outdoor dining area and the restaurant. We were expecting 50 guests...


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21.04.2024 Daily menu

We have prepared some specialties with Marchfeld asparagus for you. We are looking forward to your visit.

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The winter season is definitely coming to an end and the warm season is slowly beginning. As one of the few restaurants...

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