Winter break

Dear friends, dear guests. We wish you a beautiful autumn and we are looking forward to welcoming you again to our hotel at Easter 2018. Of course, we will keep you informed during winter about the reconstructions, news and offers for the year 2018. Beautiful greetings from the forest.

Tip for a trip

Dear guests, dear friends. Today we have an unusual tip for you. Once you go for the next trip to our region, look at the reconstruction of the town hall of Nová Bystřice. Who knows what the premises looked like before, will be positively surprised.

End of season

Dear guests, dear friends. Unfortunately, it has not been possible to restore the electricity supply to our hotel yet. The way to Peršlák is full of fallen trees. Under normal circumstances, our hotel is open every year until the end of October before we start the winter break. This year we have to finish the season due to the devastating wind two days earlier. Thank you for your understanding.

Gale - Closed restaurant

Dear guests, dear friends. Between Nová Bystřice and Peršlák several trees have fallen and pulled down the power lines. The end of repairs is not yet in sight. For this reason, our restaurant is closed for the rest of the day. Thank you for your understanding.

Pavel Tigrid

Today Pavel Tigrid, Czech writer, journalist and politician and one of the most prominent representatives of the Czech anti-Communist exile would celebrate his 100th birthday. During his frequent visits at Peršlák he always stayed in room number 3, which is of course available to you too.

Problems with e-mails

Dear guests, dear friends. Our internet provider had in the last 2 weeks serious technical problems, which was the reason for failure in sending off and receiving some of our e-mails. If you had sent any message to us lately and have not received any answer yet, please, send your e-mail again to our hotel e-mail address. Thank you very much.

Autumn forest trip

Go for a trip by a steam train to Kaproun and there for a 3 km walk to learn more about the forest life. (Sausages and hot drinks for the participants for free).

Wedding at Peršlák

Another beautiful wedding at Peršlák. We wish to the newlyweds happy life together.

From the menu of the day

Homemade plum dumplings with poppy seeds

Our new signs

Dear guests, dear friends. All signs pointing to tourist attractions in and around Peršlák are finished. We look forward to your visit.

From the menu of the day

Young wine from Maissau/Weinviertel, Humer Gilly (Austria)

Beautiful day

Dear guests, dear friends, wishing you a beautiful day from the Forest Hotel Peršlák.

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