It's finally raining outside after weeks. But our tiled stove also has a few candles in summer. I would like to thank Ms. Gudrun Urschuetz for this inspirational idea.


Today on the daily menu:
Summer greetings - wild berries, ice cream, eggnog and whipped cream




On Thursday, August 3rd, 2023 at 5 p.m. there will be a zither concert in the cultural center of Neubistritz. It's a pity that such concerts are not possible in Peršlák in the high season for capacity reasons and we thank the organizers for their understanding


Today again on the daily menu:
Homemade hemp chocolate cake (Hanfdorf Reingers)


Of course we are happy when our guests like it with us. If they surprise us later with such a beautiful article, the joy is even greater. How do you like the post about our hotel?


This is how cross-border cooperation is fun ❤️. Our thanks go to the Mayor Andreas Kozar from Reingers. Problem identified, problem discussed, problem solved!
Again on offer: Homemade hemp chocolate cake from the hemp village Reingers.


We would like to thank all guests for your visit today and look forward to seeing you again tomorrow.


There are cyclists and then there is the FunBikeTrails group, who have taken the concept of cycle tourism to a completely different level. Thank you for your numerous visits.


Dear guests, dear friends, just for information, which one of you would like to take a carriage ride through the forests around Peršlák? A half-hour or one-hour trip would be possible. Maybe with a picnic in the forest or on a meadow? Send us your opinion. Thanks.


Thank you for your visit and the beautiful photos Johannes Heissenberger.


An insight into the June guest book entries. Thank you very much for your visit and the good news.

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