Hotel lake

Good morning from the hotel lake. I must start building something new. I guess you might find my frequent photos of the new pier already a bit boring, however, I cannot help myself. ;)

Holidays started

Holiday started and we are really pleased that our hotel and our restaurant is still very popular with our guests. Frequent guests have noticed the newly renovated hall, refurbished rooms, new beds and mattresses, repaired beach and a new pier for better swimming at the hotel lake. But what has stayed the same? The core of our great team in the kitchen, in the restaurant, in the rooms and gardeners. Without them all this would not be possible. Because the hotel is still about people and not about gold handles.

Return of St. Nepomuk

The base and the granite floor for the small chapel are finished. Now we will (with the help of our digger) put St. Nepomuk to its place. So after 70 years the protector of the bridge returns to where he used to stand.


Waiting for the storm.

Our hydroelectric plant

Today our hotel hydroelectric plant was in test operation. Really nice experience. Goodnight from the power plant.


Dear guests, dear friends, at this place there was for over 200 years a small chapel with St. Nepomuk. After the displacement of the population in 1946 it was destroyed and the protector of the dam and the bridge disappeared to an unknown destination. To the 70th anniversary of the demolition of this religious monument, we decided to rebuild it again and to return St. Nepomuk to his place. We hope this time it will stay here for more than 200 years. As every year in October there will be held a traditional Holy Mass in Nový Vojířov . Until then the chapel will be built again.

Good night

Good night from the hotel lake. Thank you, all our guests, for your visit.

Hotel lake

The weather is finally favorable and we can continue construction of our new pier at the hotel lake. We hope you like our work.

Good Morning

A beautiful morning from the Forest Hotel Peršlák.

Hydroelectric power plant

Today we have installed at the hydroelectric power plant electric fishing defense which will be followed by a coarse screen and it will soon be finished. A beautiful evening from the hotel pond.

A beautiful evening

It is a pleasure for us to prepare tomorrow again a celebration for our guests at the restaurant. A beautiful evening from the Forest Hotel Peršlák.

The weather today

The cat`s weather forecast for today does not promise summer weather in the garden. Wishing you a beautiful day from the Forest Hotel Peršlák.

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