From our daily menu today:

From our daily menu today: Homemade plum dumplings with poppy and sugar.

Venison burger

Today on our daily menu: venison burger in sesame bun with dressing.

Wedding preparations

Preparations for a wedding at our hotel. The wedding coordinator brought not only a lot of beautiful flowers but great ideas too. We are really looking forward to this special occasion.


A little snapshot from the hotel corridor. :)

Good night

All sheep are here. Thanks to all our guests for your visit today. We are looking forward to you in the morning again. Good night.

Stray pigeon

Dear guests and friends around Nová Bystřice. The pigeon who has stayed at our hotel for almost two weeks, was caught by me today and I managed to write down his number on the ring. (016 CZ / 16 368). Thank you for your advice concerning lost pigeons. The last number 368 would have to be a four digit number and would have to start with zero so that it could be a carrier pigeon. Unfortunately, there is no 0, so this pigeon is not in any available register. According to the information on the phone this pigeon should belong to someone in the nearby area of 5 km. Please, forward this information to the breeders of pigeons around Nová Bystřice so that the person concerned could come to get it. Thank you. End of the pigeon report. :D


Přijmeme brigádníky - studenty/studentky 18+ na obsluhu restaurace (bez kasírování). Srpen a září 2016. 100 Kč čistého/hod. Mezi směnami možnost ubytování. V případě zájmu volejte na tel: 733 380 505.

Carrier pigeon

This carrier pigeon with a bit worse sense of direction has been settled at our hotel already for a week. He / she / it has on both legs / talons a band / ring (married?: D) and loves eating from one bowl together with our goat. Who does this magnificent animal belong to?

Our hotel lake

A beautiful Monday from the hotel lake. We are glad to see that our hotel guests are having a great time during their well deserved holiday here.

Wine from Humer Gilli

Unfortunately just a short visit at Humer-Gilli in Maissau (Austria). Excellent wine has been loaded and from tomorrow on is available again in the Forest Hotel Peršlák for you. We are looking forward to your visit.

Veggie burger

Today we have prepared - especially for our guests on bikes and summer garden visitors - a veggie burger with aubergine, zucchini, peppers, gouda, lettuce and excellent dressing.

BRIGÁDA pro studenty / studentky

Přijmeme brigádníka na obsluhu restaurace - srpen, září. 100 Kč čistého/hod. Více informací zde Brigáda

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