A beautiful evening

It is a pleasure for us to prepare tomorrow again a celebration for our guests at the restaurant. A beautiful evening from the Forest Hotel Peršlák.

The weather today

The cat`s weather forecast for today does not promise summer weather in the garden. Wishing you a beautiful day from the Forest Hotel Peršlák.

A beautiful evening

It is that beautiful tonight in Litschau, not far from the Forest Hotel Peršlák. Photo: Johannes Heißenberger.

Planting roses

Today we are planting roses around our outdoor seating area.

New pier

By Friday, the new pier on the pond will be finished. Our hotel guests can already now look forward to the summer season.

The weather today

Sunshine, rain, rain, hail, everything under water, sunshine and storm again. All this within 45 minutes. What a day ....

Flowers at Peršlák

A beautiful morning from the Forest Hotel Peršlák. Finally, we also get to plant flowers. We are looking forward to your visit.

Good night

Dear guests, dear friends. Rainy is the end of the day. Wishing you a beautiful evening from the hotel pond.

Our sheep

There is a hair and nail care on the program in Forest Hotel Peršlák today.

Beautiful evening

Wishing you a beautiful Friday evening from Forest Hotel Peršlák. PS: Where is the black cat?

Hotel Peršlák in the PLUSCITY LINZ

Dear friends, dear guests from Linz and surrounding. Today and on Saturday you can find the promotion stand of Forest Hotel Perslak in PLUSCITY. In addition to booklets, info and photos we prepared for you a competition: you can win a weekend stay (2 nigh

Drone photo

Dear guests, dear friends. Wishing you a wonderful day from Forest Hotel Peršlák.

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