Tschechischkurs im Waldhotel Peršlák

Tschechischkurs im Waldhotel Peršlák. Termin: Sonntag 23.10.2016 – Mittwoch 26.10.2016. Der Kurs ist sehr praxisbezogen und auf die alltägliche Kommunikation ausgerichtet. Spielerisch lernen Sie über tschechische Lehnwörter im Deutschen und Internationalismen leicht zu kommunizieren. Neben einem Ausflug und spannenden Gruppenarbeiten erwarten Sie Erholung und Entspannung im gemütlichem Waldhotel Peršlák. Der Kursbeitrag beträgt 100 Euro. Für weitere Informationen betreffend des Kurses wenden Sie sich bitte an Kursleiter Jan Schánělec. Tel: +420 608 172 531 Mail: Falls Sie bei uns im Hotel übernachten möchten, reservieren Sie bitte über unsere Hotelhomepage: . Anmeldeschluß ist der 07.10.2016.


Dear guests, dear friends, autumn is slowly coming to the country and we are getting ready for it. Our hotel and restaurant will be opened till the end of October before we start the winter break.

Indian summer

What a beautiful indian summer at our hotel lake! Wishing you a wonderful evening from Forest Hotel Peršlák.

Grilled piglet

Today something really delicious will be served in Forest Hotel Peršlák. :)


Today we are preparing a wedding reception in our garden restaurant. We are looking forward to our guests very much. All is ready.

Our bridge

Dear guests, dear friends. A few years ago I built a bridge near the northernmost point of Austria, which connects Haugschlag / Rottal with our Forest Hotel Peršlák. This bridge was meant as a relief for guests who want to visit our hotel or restaurant from the Austrian side. Where would once jump 5 to 10 people over the creek per week there nowadays, in the main season, up to hundreds of people cross the border. And because our bridge needed a little facelift already, we fixed it this week. Warm greetings from the forest, Marcus Hauser.

Good morning

Wishing you a beautiful morning from Forest Hotel Peršlák. Breakfast is ready and coffee smells so good.

A beautiful day

Wishing you a beautiful and sunny day from the Forest Hotel Peršlák. We are looking forward to your visit.

Still life

Still life with hotel lake and UFO :) . Good night.

Good night

There is again a new day tomorrow. Good night, dear guests. Good night, universe.

Good night

Thanks to all our guests for your visit today. We are looking forward to you in the morning again. Good night:) Photo: Freia Csokor-Sebesta

Retro bicycles

What a pleasure to see such bicycles in times when everything is lighter, faster, more expensive and more perfect.

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